Braces or Invisalign

April 2, 2018

How do you decide if you should get Invisalign or braces? When we think of braces it is easy to think of teenagers full with a metal mouth and Invisalign catering to adults. However, more teens are trying Invisalign. Whether, you choose braces or Invisalign, you are still going to have to be careful of what you eat and avoid certain foods. Some foods to avoid are anything sticky like laffy-taffy, gum, gummy words, jolly ranchers, etc. Drinks to avoid are coffee, soda and dark drinks that may stain your teeth around brackets from braces or can sit in your Invisalign causing stains, as well. Braces sometimes have wires or brackets that fall off from eating that can cause pain to your mouth. You will have to take a trip to the orthodontist to have the wire and/or bracket fixed. If, you think Invisalign is better because you will not have to deal with wires or brackets, you must remember that you have to take Invisalign out of your mouth every time you eat. This increases the risk of breaking off a piece of the Invisalign, since you will be removing them multiple times a day to eat which means you have to go to the orthodontist to get a new molding made. Now, your mouth is going to be sore regardless of which orthodontic route you choose to go.

Now, let’s look at pricing and length of time for each orthodontic option. You can find that Invisalign and braces run similar in pricing and the length of treatment. There may be a price difference between $500 – $1000 depending on your orthodontist and their office location. You can check and see if Invisalign is offering a rebate or special as they are very, good about doing so. The length of time for your ortho treatment will depend on the amount of work needed to straighten your teeth. In comparison with people that have tried braces or Invisalign, it seems braces yielded faster results, with a small price break compared to Invisalign. Review which option is best for you financially along with the treatment that will work best in your lifestyle. Ask yourself, do you want to brush after every meal with braces or remove your Invisalign every time when you eat and drink.

Finally, look at how long you will have to wear them. Timing may take precedence over pricing, especially if the price is close between both options. A bonus with Invisalign is that you can use them as a bleaching tool, too. Good luck in deciding and don’t forget to leave a review for your orthodontist.

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